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Butterfly Pillow

Butterfly Pillow

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The Butterfly Pillow is a small pillow can be used in many ways. Placed under the neck, it offers support to the neck and spine during sleep. It can also be placed between the knees for improved hip and pelvic alignment. Its size also makes it an ideal travel companion. The Butterfly pillow comes with a super soft velour cover that is removable and washable. The butterfly pillow is made by hand in the UK and comes with a two year guarantee. 

How does it help? 

The Butterfly Pillow is a versatile pillow that provides comfort to the neck, shoulders, knees, hips and when travelling. 

Minimalist Japanese style pillow 

  • It can be used as a cervical roll; place inside your pillow case between your neck and your pillow for added support to your neck and shoulders whilst sleeping 
  • It can be used as a knee support pillow; place between knees when lying on side to reduce pressure of bony knees or to keep hips aligned. 

Ideal travel companion 

  • Use it post surgery either when sleeping or when sat up, i.e. in a wheelchair to keep hip and leg alignment straight (knees equal distance apart) 
  • Use it when travelling to aid with sleep and or discomfort. 

Frequently asked questions:

Would the Butterfly Pillow fit in a bag? 

Yes, the Butterfly Pillow is small enough to fit in a bag, making it ideal for travel. 

Is the cover removable and washable? 

Yes, this cover is zipped for easy removal and is washable. Please note, the inner fibre insert is not washable. 


Pillow: Polyester fibre; Cover: Super soft velour 


38 x 20 x 11.5cm (measurements taken at maximum) 

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