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Phone Holder

Phone Holder

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With arthritis in hands and wrists, handling mobile phones can often feel like a chore. The G-Hold Universal Phone Holder and Stand is an ergonomic, cushioned holder and stand, which utilises G-Hold's patented technology and VELCRO® Brands low-profile, releasable material for wireless charging. It is universally compatible with all phones and flat-backed cases.

No strain, only comfort

  • Rotates 360° for any viewing position.
  • Can be used as a convenient stand in both portrait and landscape positions.
  • Neoprene padding for luxurious comfort to hold your hand.
  • Slender stems that slide between your fingers for ultimate support
  • Removable for wireless charging

How does it help?

The G-Hold Universal Phone Stand and Holder enables your hand to hold the phone in a natural hand and wrist position without needing to contort your fingers into uncomfortable positions. The neoprene comfort padding adds extra comfort whilst holding your phone. The slender stems allow your fingers to be close together and not wedged apart unnaturally.

What's included?

x1 G-Hold Comfi Phone Holder, x1 VELCRO® Brand velour loop pad for attaching to device, x1 user instruction card. 

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