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Table Top Nail Clipper

Table Top Nail Clipper

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The Peta Easi-Grip Table Top Nail Clipper is designed to assist those with limited hand functionality to help them cut their finger nails. It's rubber feet help with stability and a wide moulded pad gives greater comfort and leverage. 

Effective Nail Care 

  • Large lever pad - Spreads pressure when closing clipper to give enhanced comfort and ease of use 
  • Integral Nail File - Two products in one - no need for additional hand-held file 
  • Mounted on a plastic base - Can be used on a table top or other flat surface for improved visibility of cutting edge and control of action 
  • Fitted with rubber feet - Provides good stability 

How does it help? 

The Peta Easi-Grip table top nail clipper is mounted on a plastic base with non-slip feet for stability. The nail clipper also benefits from a wide moulded pad with “soft-feel” finish to give greater comfort and excellent leverage by spreading the pressure used to cut the nail.

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