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The Bath Step

The Bath Step

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A nice hot bath can be tricky to enjoy for people living with sore and painful joints. The Bath Step helps by providing a neat and stylish handle with a stable non-slip platform to get people into and out of the bath with confidence. 

Its robust stainless steel arm and sturdy metal base have been designed to take a lot of weight and the ergonomic handle spreads pressure across your hand. Using the step will benefit people with arthritis in their lower body by reducing the height necessary to raise their feet to step over the edge of the bath. It gives stability to those who feel unsteady whilst getting into the bath. 

Our products are designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and people with arthritis to ensure that they can be used with confidence. 

Steady and stylish 

The Bath Step is a brilliantly designed functional aid that assists people with arthritis by reducing the height necessary to step over the edge of the bath, and providing stability for those who feel unsteady. It also looks stylish and elegant in any bathroom. 

Simple to assemble 

  • Freestanding 
  • No installation needed 
  • Ergonomic handle for stability 
  • Assembles with handle left or right 
  • Non-slip surface 


600mm x 952mm x 400mm 


Frequently asked questions 

How does The Bath Step help? 

The Bath Step benefits people living with pain in their hips and legs or with arthritis in their lower body by reducing the height necessary to raise their feet while stepping into or out of the bath, relieving strain on the joints. 

It has been designed to align with the most common bath heights, and The Bath Step also provides stability to those who feel unsteady while getting into or out of the bath. 

Does the Bath Step require installation? 

The Bath Step is freestanding and is positioned next to the bath. No installation required 

Does the Bath Step come fully assembled? 

The Bath Step requires minimal assembly to place the upright into your choice of the left or right side. 

How much weight is the Bath Step designed to take? 

The Bath Step is made out of stainless steel, specifically to bear the weight of your body. The product has been load tested up to 150kg. 

How do I clean the Bath Step? 

The Bath Step should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use scouring powder, scouring pads or abrasive cloths as these may scratch the surface of the Bath Step. The stainless steel tubes and handle should be rinsed with clean water and dried. Never use bleach, concentrated cleaners or acids on the stainless steel parts as this will cause discolouration and pitting. 

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