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The Kikka Digga

The Kikka Digga

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The Kikka Digga portable gardening assistant is an award winning product that helps you get gardening done quickly and safely. The fork and spade attachment accelerates digging, boosts productivity and reduces strain. Use it for digging, weeding and aerating around regular garden soil. Kikka Digga makes light work of hard work. 

Boost your productivity and reduce strain 

  • A unique clamp, pedal and lever-action function 
  • Ideal for gardeners and landscapers 
  • Assists soil breaking and lifting 
  • Minimises excessive bending 
  • Easy to attach and detach 
  • Fits standard forks and spades 
  • Made from robust stainless steel 

How does it help? 

Mr S Fox, Chartered Ergonomist - "The Kikka Digga appears to greatly reduce lumbar flexion and significantly improve the posture whilst digging." When attached to a standard garden fork or spade, the user can dig and turn out soil whilst remaining upright, avoiding excessive bending and back strain. 


9.84 x 1.97 x 6.3 cm 


High Strength Stainless Steel 


Made in the UK 



Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it really help back pains and strains? 

Kikka Digga helps to prevent back strain as well as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which occurs from manual digging over time. The product can help you avoid these health issues, together with associated fatigue or physiotherapy. 

Kikka Digga works to improve efficiency of gardening tasks as well as reducing physical exertion. 

What makes this product special? 

Kikka Digga is unlike anything in the gardening world. Designed, made and assembled in the UK, the product is a result of extensive research and testing, structural engineering, material testing and tooling design. The product easily sits on the strongest forged section of your tool. 

Does it come with a fork or spade? 

Kikka Digga is simply an attachment that fits onto standard forks or spades with a shaft diameter of 1.5”/38mm. 

Are there important guidelines for use? 

Kikka Digga digs and turns out soil remarkably well, specifically regular compacted soil and earth. However, the product may buckle and become damaged around heavy duty digging and planting. Therefore, the lifting of thick or heavy tree roots and rocks or concrete slabs is not recommended. 

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